Top Minecraft Hack Clients

by admin on August 23, 2012

Minecraft hack clients are a somewhat controversial topic within the Minecraft video gaming community. Proponents of using hack clients insist that the use of such clients to play Minecraft allows users a higher level of control and customization over their gameplay. On the other hand, many Minecraft purists insist that hack clients damage the integrity of the game by removing the limitations and challenges that, in their opinion, are an endemic portion of the “fun” factor behind the game. Further, opponents of Minecraft hack clients insist that in multiplayer environments, it is unfair for some players to use hack clients – because it gives those players an advantage over other users.

Regardless of your stance on the use of hacks in Minecraft, it’s undeniable that using a hacks client can add an extra level of fun to the game. In addition to the thrill of circumventing the conventional standards that constrain the player using a normal client, the use of a hack client allows players to experience a variety of situations that they might otherwise never be able to. Hacks clients allow a player to take complete control over their world. In addition, some hacks clients allow add-ons to the game that enhance the game play experience.

Here’s a summary of some of the top Minecraft hacks clients:

DreamPvP: This is a very straightforward hacked Minecraft client that facilitates quick access to a range of tools such as in-game variable tweaking, macro creation and execution, ESP, and more. This client comes with a default set of keys to perform tasks such as sneak (avoid detection), kill aura generation, ESP, an aimbot, block and chest ESP, waypoint creation and navigation, an auto tool, automatic mining, disable falling, triggering a mob aura, enabling x-ray vision, and more. In addition, it allows for any number of custom commands or macros to be bound to a particular key, using the .bind command.

Hal’s Client: This client provides a ton of great features. First, it provides a draggable, on-screen / in game GUI interface for accessing the client’s unique options. It allows players to easily sneak, speed mine, sprint across the map, adjust brightness, use x-ray vision, increase placement speed, generate a kill aura, disable falling, manipulate stepping, flight, tracer usage, auto tool, disable weather, disable fog, enable ESP, change view to a free cam, enable chest ESP, adjust current item damage, create savable waypoints, rename other players, access a command console, maintain a friends list, adjust GUI look and feel, create custom kill auras, enable “sick” radar mode, adds extra save options, and can smooth buttons and color transitions.

Retrum: The Retrum client is a fairly popular Minecraft hack client. This client allows the player to use all the usual features: kill auras, x-ray vision, flight, sneaking, nofall, auto mining, brightness adjustment, autotool, sprinting, console access, and a GUI interface – but also has a bunch of other unique features. The nuker feature is fairly interesting, and the client also comes with nifty features such as a friends / enemy list, an automatically triggered insult generator, the capability to spy on mods, keybinding options, and x-ray vision customization.

Unknown Client: Don’t let the name fool you. This client is actually called “unknown client”. This is a particularly solid hacked client, which provides a very detailed GUI interface packed with options. It allows flight, brightness fading, 8 x-ray vision modes, a detailed tracer setup, a unique “DERP” (AKA “retard” mode – with 8 different modes), accelerated mining, sneaking, allows free camera / remote viewing of the world, auto-tool switching, smart name tag sizing, configurable step height, wallhacking, Jesus mode (walk on water), camera zooming, aura killing, a nuker, a radar, waypoints, stairs, and several other tools. Other features include an extinguisher that kills fire, time manipulation, tree spamming, teleportation up and down, auto-spamming, and taskbar dropping.

Ziadawn – Ziadawn has a particularly elegant user interface. It allows direct control over the HUD, chat, radar appearance, aiming, weather effects, web and soulsand manipulation, fall manipulation, pushability manipulation, swing animation manipulation, teleportation, custom x-ray modes, opacity options, block hit delays, anti-nocheat measures, coordinate-based teleportation; name protection, friends and enemies list, block ID searching, ban lookup, auto-alterter for people that spawn near you, click nukers, and gliding.

Xenon – The Xenon client uses a simple, minimalist GUI in order to allow access to features like flight, brightness adjustment, step adjustment, x-ray vision, sprinting, speed mining, nofall, and much more, including almost every feature you see on other Minecraft hacked clients.

Eraser – This is a favorite of griefers everywhere. Aside from the usual  hacked client features, this client enables slider-based access to step and jump height manipulation, as well as speed manipulation. The client makes autotool and autowalk available, zoom mode, creative flight, sneaking, instant mining, mole mining (slower speedmining), speedmining, reaching, chams, weather control, and noflinch toggling.

RazorClient – This is also a very popular client with Minecraft griefers, since it is quite good at bypassing NoCheat implementations. It allows for x-ray vision, opacity manipulation, tracers, ESP, flying with nocheat bypass, Jesus mode with nocheat bypass, killaura and sword autotools with nocheat bypass, sprinting with nocheat bypass, sneaking with nocheat bypass, an aimbot, freecam / remote viewing, step manipulation, resistance to falling, weather manipulation, chams, climbing, radar, dynamic nametags, Derp mode with nocheat bypass, head derping (embeds heads in the body), chestfinder, autotool, building hacks, speedmining, and speed hacks.

Hawk – This client is pretty good at facilitating social interaction. It features a radar that highlights friends, players, and mobs, and offers built in IRC connectivity that allows for conversation with fellow client users. It offers full ESP, which helps you find friends or players that might be trying to get away from you, and also offers mob and chat ESP. The GUI is highly customizable, and the client allows for highly customizable saving and loading. Further, the client is fully configurable, and offers teleportation to coordinates, noswing, jesus mode, xray mode, and a large assortment of other options such as creative nuke, flight, and more.

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